Self-service kiosks for telcos & specialist retailers

Simple and effective self-service options are transforming retail environments across most industries. But how can telco retailers and related verticals really benefit from self-service solutions?

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Together with our hardware partner Pyramid, we have developed three use cases that are an excellent option for telco retailers.

Use case #1: Customer onboarding with SIM card purchase

  • Customers can purchase SIM cards, top up their balance or buy vouchers right at the kiosk
  • A document scanner and face identification are used to automate the identification process
  • Through a card dispenser, SIM cards are issued directly to the customer
  • The customer onboarding process can thus be fully automated


Create an engaging in-store experience
  • Perfect for high-traffic environments like airports or shopping malls
  • Generate revenue from an additional sales channel
  • Position your brand in different high-profile target locations

Use case #2: Self-queuing for stores and event booths

  • Customers sign up at the kiosk and can view information like the current waiting time
  • A buzzing notification token (“puck”) is distributed to the customer
  • Store associates can localize customers within the store and send out notifications

Reduce waiting times with queue management solutions

  • Provide a smooth sign up process for booths at events or within retail stores
  • Minimize perceived waiting times by notifying customers at the right time
  • Allow your sales reps to easily identify customers in no time

Use case #3: Self-service customized gift card printer

  • Customers can select a gift card of their choice from different service vendors and retailers
  • A range of designs is presented for selection, including seasonal options
  • A desired cash value amount can be selected, and a personal message can be added
  • The gift card is then printed at the kiosk, using the desired design and customized message


Drive sales with last-minute gift cards

  • Generate revenue from cross-promotional offers and upselling
  • Drive and promote value-added services within your retail stores
  • Provide an attractive personalized last-minute gift option for your customers

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